Mentorship Agreement Psb

The High Performance Ofan Program (HPOP) is based on a formal tutoring relationship agreement that is mutually beneficial to any HPOP public servant and mentor. The HPOP employee must work with a mentor for the duration of 2021. Q: What should I do? A: Mentors are responsible for supporting and advising mentors during the 6-month period. They will work and agree on a development and improvement plan. It may be in the field of general career guidance, information on higher education, technical information, personal promotion, etc. Participation in an approved pro bono legal project is qualified. You must notify this position after a recommendation from a qualifying project has been adopted to be credited. If you or your group would like to launch a qualifying project, contact PSB for permission and support. Q: How can I agree with a mentor? A: Mentees is compared to a mentor based on the tutoring areas you have chosen and similar experiences. PSB Academy Students and Alumni are cordially invited to enrol in the tutoring program.

This is a platform for an assigned mentor to be your support and advice. You learn and use mentoring experiences, personal insights and knowledge. It makes it easier for you to get from school to work and confirms your career choices. . Phone: 08 8922 6819Email: HPOP will offer targeted officials and mentors development opportunities and strengthen the capacity of the PSB`s official channels on: and the assurance of professional civil liability? If you accept a case for PSB, you are covered for free by our E-O insurance. If you have your own insurance, PSB insurance exceeds all others. If you are not insured, it is primary for all covered claims. .

The main objectives of the high performance in training program are: as a mentor, you get a mentality based on your individual development needs. They must help individuals develop skills, skills and a good state of mind in order to achieve the desired learning and outcome. Q: Does the tutoring process take time / How long will the engagement last? A: The tutoring will be for a period of 6 months. We recommend that mentors and mentors communicate with each other at least once a month. The mode of communication can be a messaging or phone or social media platform. . Nominations must be received through Peak Sporting Bodies via the online form prescribed by the guidelines. The National Institute of the Northern Territory`s (NTIS) High Performance Officiine (HPOP) program will provide opportunities and encourage Northern Territory (NT) officials to strive for and meet national and international standards for official use in their sport.

By bringing together public servants and mentors from different NT sports, it will promote the development of themselves and NT leaders in general and connect with each other. . How many hours and how many cases do I have to deal with? PSB volunteers provide at least 20 hours of legal services per year or buy-in for $350.00 per year. I am a criminal, a government, a corporate or IP lawyer. How can I accept a deal? PSB has a wide range of cases for volunteers. We train you if you are not familiar with the proposed case categories. PSB offers free CL accredited training and has experienced lawyers who are willing to help you in all areas as mentors. Forms and manuals are available on request. (Click here for more information) What happens after school? Do you have any questions about the world of work? Do you want to hear real experiences of someone who has gone through challenges in the workplace? Your mentee will count on you to advise and support in the following areas: Who bears the costs? All pro bono customers are low incomes. The affidavit of the indigenue is the official court document that must be filed for the officer to waive registration fees, serve a procedure, make copies or publish notices of appeal.