Adp Services Agreement

During the lifetime, ADP ISS grants a non-exclusive worldwide license for the use, holding, display and processing and processing and processing and management of the consolidated data stream in all forms and electronic media related to the services of electoral agents of the ISS exclusively and exclusively for the purpose of processing meeting information, agendas and ballot papers of custodian banks; Use ADP as a proxy processing agent for accounts for which ISS has and generates voting rights, distribution, and return of ISS voting instructions for positions held with those custodians. With the exception of the license granted to it, ISS has no other rights to the consolidated data stream or information provided by ADP. 4.2. Additional Support Services. At the request of the ISS or ISs`s client guardian, ADP will determine the current voting status of an account, including verification of unpublished votes. Telephone or telecommunication costs under this Agreement shall be borne by the party making the call. ADP may, but is not required to record, telephone conversations, and ISS accepts the recording of such calls. 14.12. Modifications: exceptions. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, no amendment to this Agreement shall be effective unless it must be in writing and signed by the Parties. .

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