Chase Online Service Agreement

This Agreement represents the entire agreement between Seller and Paymentech with respect to the matters contained therein and supersedes all prior agreements between the parties. For clarity, this agreement does not replace the seller agreement between the seller and Square. Seller agrees not to have relied on any statement by Paymentech or its representatives to enter into this agreement. The parties acknowledge and agree that this Agreement applies only to transaction data generated in the United States; and (ii) it is a commercial services contract. The seller may not request or use information on the card for any purpose, unless he is paid or refunded for his goods or services, unless prescribed by the rules of the card brand. Seller agrees that (i) it does not use the Card Information for any purpose that seller knows or needs to know is fraudulent or contrary to the rules of the Card Brand; (ii) it will not sell, buy, provide or trade any information on the Card, or communicate information on the Card to persons other than Square, a brand of cards or in response to a request from the authorities; and (iii) it will comply with security standards, including payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS), and will cooperate, if necessary, in a forensic investigation. The seller cannot submit a transaction that is not a bona foi foia transaction. A bona foi transaction means a transaction (i) between the seller and its customer, (ii) for the sale of goods and/or services (or a refund for such a sale); that are owned by Seller or that Seller has the legal right to sell, (iii) is registered in Seller`s name (and not on behalf of any third party) and (iv) is legal, authorized by Customer, non-fraudulent or otherwise harmful to the Card(s) and, to Seller`s knowledge, enforceable, collectible and in full compliance with this Agreement, applicable law or card brand rules. a) The invoice payment service indicates the fastest possible processing date and we will try to deliver the payment within one or two working days after the processing date. (b) the notification of payment may be jeopardised by delays in the postal, payee and payment financial institutions, by procedural delays, by delays in the verification of transactions or by other delays.

But it`s usually within two to three business days of the processing date for an ACH payment or five or more business days after the processing date for a U.S. check sent by first-class courier. c) Your use of this application: authorizes us to create and process checks on this application on your behalf and allows us to debit your account before making a check or making a payment on your behalf. d) Cheques that are issued through this application are issued by us or our PMs, including, when your agent is signed in your name, in our name, in our name or on behalf of as an agent and issued only to a beneficiary with a machining address. e) you authorize us and our PMs to debit your payment account in stages or on a lump sum basis in order to deliver funds in accordance with your payment orders, to submit a returned ACH charge for insufficient or uncollected funds or for any other reason, and to use or other ASCOs to make a payment. f) ACH payments are only made to an authorized U.S. bank account and are subject to LA NACHA rules according to which: You are an initiator and other ASPs are third parties and we are the ODFI….