Club Kit Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsors will also want to maximize their brand presence by using the club as part of their own promotions and events. It is therefore important to ensure that the sponsorship agreement gives the promoter the flexibility to do so. In addition, a sponsor may also obtain an obligation under the agreement that a number of high-level players must participate in such events or be used in such promotions. For a sponsor, it is important to be able to protect his brand in case of involvement of the association in controversies. Therefore, the inclusion of termination clauses in the agreement, which allow the sponsor to immediately distance itself from any relationship and connection with the club, is an important reflection. A sponsor may try to obtain a degree of exclusivity. This should be carefully managed by an association so as not to reduce the potential revenue it can generate through sponsors. Exclusivity should be reduced as much as possible so that a club can continue to seek sponsors for as many different aspects of the club as possible. The Margate Youth Football Club website is promoted throughout the club as the main source of information for players and their families.

Companies that sponsor the club are promoted via the site. There is room for a brief descriptible statement that displays the company name or logo. The website may also contain possible links to the sponsor`s specific website. In addition, the logo (and link) of the sponsors of some teams are also displayed on the team page. This page is also used for all host teams to get information about the association and location and contacts. A sponsor must also carefully assess the extent of the branding opportunities granted under the agreement. The sponsor will want to ensure that he is also present as a jersey sponsor among all the marketing materials produced by the club, such as for example. B game day programs. In addition, the sponsor wishes to ensure that it is known to be the official sponsor of the club on the club`s online presence, such as its website, online subscription TV services and mobile applications. Sponsorship fees are always an integral part of a sponsorship agreement. A sponsor will want to make sure they receive the best exposure for the money they will pay as part of an agreement.

Therefore, a sponsor should consider setting sponsorship fees based on the “success” of the club. This could be based on the number of competitions they win, or their positioning in their league, etc. However, an association will usually strongly oppose it. Therefore, it can often be easier to negotiate basic sponsorship fees with additional bonuses based on success. A club will want to have the right to terminate the sponsorship agreement if the sponsor is involved in controversies that harm the club`s own brand. As described above, the sponsor`s name can appear on football shirts, training clothing and equipment and offers contacts to all participants in league and cup matches throughout the East Kent and Kent region. . . .